The muladhara/root chakra is the first chakra and located at the base of the spine. Its element is earth and its color is red. This chakra connects us to the earth and grounds the body, mind and spirit. When this chakra energy is balanced we feel grounded and safe. If the energy becomes blocked or depleted our connection to people and the world around us may begin to feel shaky, or unstable. When the energy is over stimulated a person may have trouble letting go of possessions and place excessive importance on material wealth. The person may become afraid of losing wealth and possessions. 

Some yoga poses to balance the muladhara/root chakra:                                                     

Mountain (Tadasana): The mountain represents stability of the earth.                                          

Tree (vriksasana): This pose will help with stability and a grounding connection with the earth. It helps the body to align with inner growth and self realization.                                                    

Staff (dandasana): This is a very stabilizing pose. 

Essential oils to use during your yoga practice to help balance the muladhara chakra: 

Grounding: This blend may help to ground and stabilize us in order to deal with reality. Best when worn on the back of the neck and temples.

Hope: This blend connects us with feelings of strength and grounding. Apply on the outer edge of the ears, chest, heart, temples, back of neck, feet or wrists. May also be worn as a perfume. 

Joy: This is one of my favorite essential oils. The fragrance of this blend helps to promote feelings of love, self love and confidence. Rub over your heart, ears, neck, temples, brows and wrists.